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05 September: An Info Hour on Cell Structure Design – with Niels Pflaeging

You are new to Cell Structure Design -sometimes referred to as "the peach model", "decentralized network organization", "Beta" or "Beyond Budgeting" - and interested in learning more about it? You have heard or read a few things about Cell Structure Design, but are not sure yet if this is the right approach for your organization or your clients? You are keen on learning more about this innovative take on org design that takes complexity and human nature into account?

If any of the above applies to you , then you should this free-of-charge introductory event organized by Red42. Join Cell Structure Design co-creator Niels Pflaeging, on 05 September, for a live conversation online, and get all your questions answered! You will also hear about the latest news around Cell Structure Design and about learning opportunities offered by Red42.

For more about Cell Structure Design, visit the Cell Structure Design page on the Red42 website. This page also hosts the open source license to the approach.


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