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Red42 Advisory: speedy, principled, High-Impact

In our advisory work, three different categories stand out:

  • Micro-advisory - e.g. through our virtual format called Get Unstuck (described below)

  • Workshops - in a wide range of different formats and for different group sizes

  • Accompanying time-boxed transformation of corporate clients - if you want us to.

The things we might do for you range...

  • from a clarifying conversation to guiding you through transformation,

  • from inspiration to committed action,

  • from understanding a better change approach to making that kind of change happen, together,

  • from learning about coherent agility to unleashing it.


Our clients are always in charge. The spirit of consistent self-organization and team-based empowerment runs through all our work. Including the way we work with our clients. 


We neither want to waste your time, nor ours: Before we begin working together, expect us to have a frank conversation with you about value.

Why you should get advice 
from and work with red42
Get Unstuck

Sometimes it takes a single great conversation to get unstuck, and to move on – with new focus and revived spirit. Now there is an easy way for you to access Silke Hermanns and Niels Pflaegings expertise and get their advice. Or to just make use of a great opportunity for reflection. With no hassle, and no strings attached.


All it takes is a single, virtual work session. You can book your personal Get Unstuck session with Silke or Niels through our shop. Or write an email. This format is about reflection, discourse, and consultation. You get immediate value. You have no obligations with Red42 beyond the individual work session. No follow-up required.

Get Unstuck Micro-Advisory is the easiest and fastest way to work with us. It is extremely straightforward. So straightforward you can actually book your Get Unstuck session through our web shop. 

Workshops: Result-oriented, always

Our workshops are always customized, and catered to client needs, or problem.


Workshops maybe for executive-level participants only, or with mixed groups. They may be clarification-oriented or focused on one or several Work the System approaches, such as Cell Structure Design or OpenSpace Beta. They may be conceptual in nature or targeted at solving specific client problems.

We never present to our clients during workshops, but focus on earnest conversation. And we do everything in our power to provide the conditions for us to give honest advice that can be taken.

We guide your time-boxed

Since 2019, Red42 has accompanied several corporate clients during their time-boxed transformation. These clients transformed not just bits or pieces of their organizations, but heir entire organizations, and in very little time. This focused advisory work has allowed us to accumulate world-leading expertise that we are putting to good use with ever larger corporate clients, and in our supervision work with peers.

In our transformation work with clients, we follow the powerful OpenSpace Beta approach that we developed ourselves, in 2018.. If you have not yet heard about OpenSpace Beta, take a look here.

To learn more about how we approach full-fledged organiational transformation for high performance, get in touch.

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