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Get qualified with Red42

Red42 offers qualifications that are high on insight & learning, as well as highly practical: Each of our online courses or classes allows you to put new things into practice. Our four certifications are structured into individually bookable qualification modules, These modules are powerful means of for companies that want to produce transformation, and for consultants who wish to learn the methods and work with clients themselves.

The Red42 Certifications:

Every certification consists of three modules. Check out the list of available Red42 qualification modules below. Check out the courses section for specific course dates and more details about the modules.

All our modules can be booked separately, and they can also  be run as face-to-face in-house classes for corporate clients.

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Red42 qualifications:
The modules


OpenSpace Beta Practitioner 

Cell Structure Design Practitioner 

Relative Targets Practitioner 

Time-Boxed Change Consultant 

“In a highly self-organized company, control happens through a combination of two major forces: Transparency & social density. this is far more powerful than anything bosses could ever achieve with steering & commands.“
Niels Pflaeging

Why you should get qualified 
with red42
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