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Prepare to transform with Red42

Regardless if your organization has 100, 1.000 or 100.000 people: Red42 has everything in store that you need to get ready for your organizational transformation.


Insight, learning and identification with purpose do not fall from the sky: They are produced. One type of intervention usually does not suffice: Which is why Prepare to Transform will likely include a whole bunch of interventions –especially if your company is somewhat larger:

  1. Conceptual workshops and work sessions for the sponsor, the management team, and others with influence and/or reputation.

  2. Learning-intense qualifications around concepts like Time-Boxed Change, BetaCodex, OpenSpace Beta, Cell Structure Design and Relative Targets - for managers, but not for managers alone.

  3. Quickly deployable, easily scalable learning with qomenius - online and based on learning in small groups of four to six people. This is a powerful learning format that you can easily put to use with hundreds, or thousands of people. Invitation-based. All within just a few weeks.

Why you should prepare to transform with REd42
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