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Speaking that changes minds & hearts

Niels Pflaeging is an economist and an acclaimed international keynote speaker. Throughout his 20 years of professional speaking, Niels has not once done a scripted talk. He is notorious for his energy on stage and in client workshops, for his impressive range of topics as well as his capability to improvise and adapt to client needs. 

Niels Pflaging is the author of 11 published books with translations into eight languages.

Niels was born in Hannover, Germany, and he has lived in cities as diverse as Buenos Aires, New York, Sao Paulo, Seville and Wiesbaden. He speaks four languages fluently as can be witnessed in his many keynote videos online.

Niels' topics range

  • from the renaissance of work to democratic organizational design,

  • from the history of leadership to the future of organizational change,

  • from performance management to the art of innovation,

  • from the dangers of taylorism to the liberating power of self-organization,

  • from how to get unstuck to how to embed great learning into the fabric of work.

We are used to hosting lots and lots
    of presentations and events at our company. Niels' keynote was easily the best speaking event we ever had.“
Martin Seibert, Founder/CEO

Why you should book a keynote or impulse session with Niels

Niels Pflaeging's speaker profile

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Check out Niels' YouTube channel with dozens of videos in several languages!

For speaking requests, please contact 

Some great keynote topics by Niels Pflaeging

This is a selection of possible session topics with Niels. Many other topics and themes are possible. Get in touch with us to discuss your context and needs!

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