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Watch the Highlights from the "5 Years of OpenSpace Beta" anniversary event

Updated: Jun 14

During the "5 Years of OpenSpace Beta" celebration event in early June 2023, Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging took a bold and critical look at the past, present and future of Very Fast Organizational Transformation and Time-Boxed Change, together with their peers Daniel Mezick (creator of OpenSpace Agility) and Rijon Erickson (OpenSpace Institute US, Red42).

Red42 just released a total of 22 crisp video clips with highlights from the anniversary event. In duration, the videos range from 35 seconds to just over 7 minutes. Watch the full playlist of 22 videos here! Or watch the individual highlights episodes by clicking on the video icons in the following overview:

Watch, enjoy, comment – and please share generously!

In September, Red42 will start its new OpenSpace Beta Practitioner certification, online. Get in touch for further information!

Watch the complete anniversary event recording (2 hours 11 minutes duration) here.

For further information about the OpenSpace Beta approach (including the OpenSpace Beta open source license), visit the OpenSpace Beta page on this website

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