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Red42 announces “Quick Start” course on Cell Structure Design

Red42 now offers a short course format on the Cell Structure Design approach to organizational design, called Cell Structure Design Quick Start. The next course of this kind will be hosted by Cell Structure Design co-creator Niels Pflaeging, online, on 18 January 2024. The Quick Start course will take just 2 hours – including a couple of exercises.

What is Cell Structure Design about?

Cell Structure Design is the world’s leading approach for building an organization around value creation – instead of building it around functions, departments, processes or “leaders”. It is the only organization design approach that’s capable of bringing about a consistently decentralized and self-organized structure – with highly autonomous, market-oriented teams in the periphery and the center.

Cell Structure Design is applicable in any organization – regardless of its background, size, history, industry, origin or geographic distribution. Get started with Cell Structure Design at any point in time. Done right, the new, decentralized cell structure capable of performing way better than your previous “siloed and departmental” structure can go live within weeks. Not months or years. Sounds impossible? Then this Quick Start is for you.

How to get going with Cell Structure Design? The Cell Structure Design Quick Start course is a great way to get acquainted with the approach, and for deepening your understanding. You can start employing Cell Structure Design in your organization at any time. An organization can go live with a Cell Structure within a few months – regardless of the specific organization’s size.

Where did Cell Structure Design originate?

Niels Pflaeging started pioneering Cell Structure Design 20 years ago, upon joining the Beyond Budgeting Round Table as a director, in 2003. At the time, a few high-performing companies like Handelsbanken, Toyota, Semco and dm-drogerie markt were applying Cell Structure Design with great success. Others, like Buurtzorg, would later follow. The BetaCodex Network white paper Turn your Company Outside-In from 2008 is testament to Niels’ ongoing research and client work around decentralized org design. Later came the hugely successful Org Physics and Organize for Complexity white papers, and the bestselling book of the same name. In 2019, with dozens of consulting projects around cell structures under his belly, Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging decided to make Cell Structure Design more widely available as a free-to-use, open source social technology. Cell Structure Design is bound to revolutionize collaboration, org design, leadership and organizational development alike!

About the Red42 Quick Start format

  • 2-hour on-line format – no prior reading required! Checking out the Cell Structure Design web page and the latest white paper on Cell Structure Design Patterns might help you get you in the mood for the session. We also invite you to watch the two free videos below.

  • The session is high on information and context, with some exercises.

  • You will also learn about what makes Cell Structure Design unique and effective, compared to other org design approaches.

Contents of this course

  • Chapter 1. Practical relativity theory for organizations & collaboration: Key concepts, principles, axioms, history and methods of Cell Structure Design

  • Chapter 2. Making decentralization, self-organization and organizational democracy work: How to approach the topics of structure, power, team organization, leadership and coordination

  • Chapter 3. Case studies, specific indicators and targets, report examples, Do’s and Don’ts

  • Chapter 4. What now? Approaching transformation and organizational hygiene; achieving buy-in; getting there in full within just 8 weeks; next steps you can take

Who should attend?

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to reflect upon and understand concepts and techniques of humanistic, complexity-robust and effective organizational structures that make steering and centralized coordination superfluous, and that will eliminate silos as well as the need for top-down command. You will especially benefit from the course if you are already in doubt about common command-and-control practices, and if you want to shape work and organizations in a contemporary, democratic and effective fashion.

What you gain from participating

  • Learn about the world’s most elegant, most adaptive, least wasteful and most coherent approach to organizational design.

  • Reflect upon well-known and lesser known org design practices, tools and approaches – and learn to distinguish between the good, the bad and the partially true in organizational structures and design.

  • Understand why conventional siloed, or “matrix structures”, faddish “circle” concepts, and steering-heavy systems worsen performance and increase waste.

  • Pick up techniques you can use immediately.

  • Identify for yourself if you want to introduce Cell Structure Design your own organization, or make it happen with clients.

  • Get your questions answered about the Cell Structure Design approach.

Participation fee

The participation fee in this Quick Start course is EUR 180,00 – plus VAT (if applicable). A 10% discount applies for simultaneous registration of several persons from the same organization – get in touch with Claudia Keller,

Registration & contact

All registrations through Eventbrite. Contact person for this course, including inquiries about group discounts or in-house offers is Claudia Keller,

Videos to watch


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