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In May, BetaCodex Press will release its 2nd book of quotes, "What would Drucker do?"

BetaCodex Press, the peer publishing group created by Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging, is releasing its 2nd book of quotes, on 01 May 2023. This is the fifth book published by BetaCodex Press in English, since 2014. "What Would Drucker Do?" is a carefully curated collection of quotes by Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005) - arguably the world's most influential thinker on management ever. This is the first book of Drucker quotes ever published. It was edited and designed by Niels Pflaeging.

Niels says: "Peter Drucker’s body of work is so vast – spanning seven decades, almost 40 books and 1.500 articles – that making the necessary choices on topics and specific quotes to appear in this compilation has been something of a challenge during the editing of this volume. Once I started thinking about this book, I soon noticed that by now, almost two decades after the master’s death, the lion’s share of ‘Drucker quotes‘ found on the web is wrongly attributed: They are not actually Drucker’s!" A case in point is the now ubiquitous Culture eats strategy for breakfast quip, which is usually attributed to Drucker, but clearly not his. Checking the veracity of the most widely circulated quotes attributed to Drucker has been a bit of detective work. "This book of quotes is trying to set the record straight: Included in this volume you will only find quotes that I was able to trace back to Drucker himself. Readers will find that there is no shortage of crisp, contemporary, even timeless insight."

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