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BetaCodex Press gets a new internet presence on the Red42 website

Updated: Mar 31

BetaCodex Press is a peer publishing group founded by Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging. Their aim: to first build a pack, and then, eventually, a movement of authors committed to helping bring about consistently self-organized, decentralized and democratic organizations! Niels Pflaeging explains: "We want to build a community of authors and book creators that support each other with conceiving, designing, editing and promoting their books, mutually. A bit like what Apple Records aspired to be for the Beatles and their peers, in the 1970s. A common denominator among all content produced by BetaCodex Press is the 12 principles of the BetaCodex."

Niels adds: "This is an invitation: Publish your books and learning resources with BetaCodex Press Do you have cool content? Do you want to write, develop and/or design learning materials that want to make the world of work more self-organized, decentralized and democratic? Then let's reinvent the business book and organizational learning."

In 2023, Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging plan to release a series of new books. The first of these will be the long-awaited handbook on Cell Structure Design, which Silke and Niels developed in 2019. The two say that another book is "already close to being finalized" – but they claim they cannot reveal more about that project just yet. "Except," Silke adds, smilingly: "This one is not written by us, but by an author whom we admire very, very much."

Check out the new BetaCodex Press web page, here.

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