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BetaCodex Press publishes "What would Drucker do?", a new book with 160+ quotes by Peter Drucker

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Peter F. Drucker has arguably been history's most wide-ranging and most influential thinker on management. Some even called him the "inventor" of management. Which of course he was not, as the man himself would have been quick to point out. While Peter Drucker passed away in 2005 (aged 95) his many insights remain as fresh as always. Get more than 160 great Drucker quotes, compiled by Niels Pflaeging into one witty, beautiful little book: "What would Drucker do?"

The book is available for pre-orders through all book retailers, e.g. through (print edition) and (ebook). BetaCodex Press also offers discounted volume orders through the Red42 web shop:

The publication date of "What would Drucker do?" is 01 May 2023.

For more information about BetaCodex Press:

For review copies, get in touch with

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