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A conversation about 'Cell Structure Design Patterns' with Niels Pflaeging and Rijon Erickson

In this 40-minute video conversation, Rijon Erickson and Niels Pflaeging discuss the Cell Structure Design Patterns research and white paper published by the BetaCodex Network in July 2023. The conversation includes the topics of decentralization, coherent self-organization and organizational democracy,

Watch the conversation between Rijon and Niels here or on YouTube.

Watch all available episodes of BetaCodex LIVE here:

About the BetaCodex Network white papers: A total of 19 white papers has been published, since the foundation of the BetaCodex Network, in 2008. The most popular of those papers, "Heroes of Leadership" (No. 11) has attracted more than 150.000 views. It is used in higher education teaching, internationally.

For other writings by Niels Pflaeging and Silke Hermann, check out their books in the Red42 web shop.


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