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OpenSpace Beta 5th year anniversary celebration takes place on 2 June

"OpenSpace Beta was born in Portland/Maine, in May 2023", Silke Hermann recalls: "Daniel Mezick, Niels Pflaeging and I were having a lobster dinner, and Dan explained to us the mechanics of his new approach that allowed to bring about Scrum and Agile in large groups: Not stretched out over time, but all at once. Not through coercion, but through voluntary engagement. And suddenly it dawned on me that Dan had figured out precisely the concepts that Niels and I had been searching for, for so many years: By combining the concept of time-boxing with large-scale invitation and authorization, Daniel had figured out the underpinnings of how the transformation of entire organizations could be pulled off in just a few months, instead of years. A week later, Niels and I had already sketched out the overall concepts of OpenSpace Beta, and started to write the handbook."

A lot has happened since then, with regards to OpenSpace Beta and very fast organizational transformation. Together with the session's host, Rijon Erickson, Silke Hermann, Niels Pflaeging and Daniel Mezick will discuss perspectives of very fast organizational transformation, share insights they gained from transformation work with OpenSpace Beta during the last five years, and look at practical challenges – yesterday, today and tomorrow!

During the final section of the event, the four will answer participant's questions with regards to OpenSpace Beta and very fast organizational transformation.

This event will be run on Zoom. Registration is free of charge. Register through Eventbrite, here:


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