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New Date: OpenSpace Beta Practitioner qualification in Wiesbaden (German)

We just ran a highly successful 2-day OpenSpace Beta Practitioner qualification course at our Studio Red42 this week (see photo proof to the right). Now we set a new date for this kind of OpenSpaceBeta Practitioner qualification in Wiesbaden. This qualification will be in German language, hosted by Silke Hermann, co-creator of OpenSpace Beta.

Red42 offers the OpenSpace Beta Practitioner qualifications in both online and off-line formats - in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

In-house qualifications: upon request.

Check out the full invitation for the new Wiesbaden event in November, here:

For further information about this OpenSpace Beta Practitioner qualification:

For more information about the OpenSpace Beta approach, visit the OpenSpace Beta home page on the Red42 website!


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