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Today: "What would Drucker do?" book launch event. You are invited

Updated: May 5, 2023

Join today's book launch event celebrating our latest book release, What would Drucker do? - the new collection of quotes by the great Peter Drucker (1909-2005), edited by Niels Pflaeging. Rijon Erickson and Niels Pflaeging will take about the book, and the two will discuss Peter Drucker's legacy for organizational leadership, for people at work, and for our societies at large.

Niels Pflaeging explains: "As much as Peter Drucker is still revered today, almost 20 years after his passing, his impact and his work remain highly underestimated, I think. To give you an example: Most of us still find it hard to make the connection between the way we build and lead organizations, and how such organizational leadership affects our societies. We cannot make the world a better, more democratic, more equitable place if organizations do not keep up. And organizations are not keeping up, even though most companies have learned to pay lip-service to "agile", wellbeing or diversity. Drucker always accentuated the connection between the way we actually work, and the implications on culture and societies. The insights compiled in the book thus have meaning well beyond the boundaries of work and organizations. They eclipse mere ‘organizational development.‘ I am firmly convinced that we can learn more from Peter Drucker than from any single one of the current ‘thought leaders.‘"

Sign up free of charge for today's book party. You are invited!

Live today at 19.00hs CET (Central European Time)


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