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‘The laws of the BetaCodex': A fresh take on the design principles for organizing in complexity

Just 32 pages short, this booklet offers the shortest and the most delightful way to get acquainted with BetaCodex thinking. In detail, with precision, without the fuss. Here, Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging outline the 12 principles of the BetaCodex through twelve sets of highly succinct distinctions that are fun to study, and that inevitably will make you think hard about what's possible in work and organizations – beyond command-and-control!

This exciting new booklet has been published through Red42's BetaCodex Press. The booklet is in pre-release – and available from the Red42 web shop already. The Laws of the BetaCodex booklet will become available from booksellers globally, over the course of the coming weeks.

"This booklet has been in the making for a very long time,", Niels explains. "The idea to it was born at least 14 years ago. Back then, in 2009, a colleague read my third book and told me: Those lists at the end of every chapter that draw distinctions between Alpha and Beta – that alone would make for yet another book!‘ In 2018, we turned those lists into a booklet in German, but it took us a while to get quality of the translation right. But with help from a few friends, we finally got it done. I think readers will find that the quality of the prose in this booklet is very crisp, very to the point, sometimes a bit lyrical and often very funny!"

Silke adds: "Reading this booklet is a great way to acquire a Beta sensitivity, so to speak. It is a wonderful way to train Beta thinking, and to think through all aspects of Beta, in an enticing and engaging way. This booklet also contains our most beloved exercise for studying the interactions between the BetaCodex principles. It is called ‘The BetaCodex Clock." So readers will not just get the text. They also get an exercise they can do for themselves, and within teams or groups."

The Laws of the BetaCodex booklet is already available through Red42.

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Over the course of the next weeks, this booklet will become available in bookstores everywhere – including on Amazon and online and offline booksellers.

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