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Niels Pflaeging offers a "Relative Targets Quick Start" course on 25 Jan 2024

On 25 January 2024, Red42 will offer another edition of the 2-hour, online, unrecorded "Quick Start" format. This session will be hosted in English by Red42 co-founder and Relative Targets creator Niels Pflaeging. Niels published the Relative Tartgets social technology under an open source license, in early 2021. This is the first Red42 qualification that deals specifically with Relative Targets. In the words of Niels Pflaeging, Relative Targets is "the world's best, most elegant and most ethical way of designing and running performance systems. It is the antidote to labourous, demotivating, obnoxious and wasteful performance tools based on target-setting, incentives and planning. So I believe this social technology will come as a blessing to many organizations - everywhere in the world."

The Relative Targets approach was pioneered by high-performing industry leaders like Swedish bank Handelsbanken, Toyota, W.L.Gore, Aldi, Buurtzorg, Semco and Ahlsell. It was first systematically described by the Beyond Budgeting Round Table, which Niels co-headed as a research director, between 2003 and 2007. In 2021, Niels decided to make the concept more easily applicable everywhere, and codified it into an open source social technology that can be freely used, even commercially. For more details, visit the Relative Targets concept overview page on this website.

Registrations for the Relative Targets Quick Start course are through Eventbrite only.

Download the event brochure here:

Relative Targets Quick Start
Download PDF • 670KB

For more about Relative Targets approach visit the concept overview page on the Red42 website, here:


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