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Just Announced: Niels Pflaeging to deliver Cell Structure Design class in Berne/CH in March 2024

On 06 March 2024, Niels Pflaeging is going to present a 1-day workshop on Cell Structure Design in Berne, Switzerland, organized by Good Practice Group CH.

Niels explains: "Cell Structure Design is very different from than the stuff most companies are used to do. Most organizations I get in touch with have been busy for years or decades with what I would call the Frankenstein model of organizational development: They have been piling up tools, reorganization efforts, cost management exercises, faddish approaches on performance and structure, plus some culture or engagement or new work iniivatives. All very well-intended, for sure, but usually those things don't add up to anything. They don't combine well. These organizations end up doing more and more steering, more and more controlling, more and more coordinating, more and more bureaucracy. Everyone gets sick and tired of this. Cell Structure Design is different, in that it is based on a coherent set of principles, which foster consistent, team-based self-organization, decentralization and market-orientation. Cell Structure Design does away with the steering, the endless planning and cost management, the dreadful micro-managing, the delegating and escalating, and the command-and-control misery to which so many managers and employees have become accustomed."

Cell Structure Design was published as an open source approach in 2018 and Red42 has accompanied dozens of clients, internationally, in adopting Cell Structures. This is the first 1-day public workshop Niels Pflaeging is delivering on the approach in Switzerland.

All infos about the event:

For more information about participation get in touch with Vladimir Riecicky, GPG founder.


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