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The laws of the BetaCodex

The laws of the BetaCodex

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Twelve design principles that make organizations fit for complexity and fit for human beings

Niels Pflaeging/Silke Hermann. BetaCodex Press, 2023

A4 format. 32 pages. color print. 1st edition
New! A high-impact learning resource

The laws of the BetaCodex: Here you find them explained in a concise, yet easy-to-grasp, and highly practical way. This booklet is the ideal learning tool to deepen your understanding of company-wide self-organization, agility and organizational democracy!

In this booklet, the twelve design principles of Beta gain contour: The BetaCodex is spelled out law by law, its hallmarks defined.

This booklet is supplemented by a clever exercise that makes the connections between the individual laws of the codex tangible!

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