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Red42 announces "OpenSpace Beta Quick Start" course on 31 Jan 2024

On 31 January 2024, Red42 will offer a 2-hour, online, unrecorded "Quick Start" format on OpenSpace Beta. This session will be hosted in English by Red42 co-founder and OpenSpace Beta co-creator Niels Pflaeging.

In 2018, OpenSpace Beta became the 1st Work the System approach to be developed and published by Red42. This social technology is based on the concepts of Very Fast Organizational Transformation and Change-as-Flipping, which were also conceived by Silke and Niels.  As early as at the start of 2019, the two accompanied their first corporate client through full-fledged transformation with OpenSpace Beta.  Since then, they have undertaken several Beta transformations with corporate clients. OpenSpace Beta was shortlisted for the XING New Work Award in 2020 (for the concept) and in 2021 (for the 1st client transformation).

Registrations for the OpenSpace Beta Quick Start are through Eventbrite only.

For more about the OpenSpace Beta approach visit the concept overview page on the Red42 website, here:

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