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Key concepts of Lean Repetitive Flexible Supply (Lean RFS): Now available to everyone with a passion for flow and high performance

Lean RFS is an ingenious, highly effective concept for "actual lean" in production and industry. One that can be put into practice within days or weeks. The Lean RFS concept is particularly suitable for companies with volume production, in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and in process industries, especially. What we find particularly attractive about Lean RFS is that this approach is 100% consistent with BetaCodex principles and can thus be easily combined with Cell Structure Design and the Weichselbaum system

Lean RFS concept overview - concept & design by Niels Pflaeging, Red42

Ian Glenday, the inventor of Lean RFS, was awarded the Shingo Award for his work on the approach twice, in 2010 and 2013. Now, for the first time, a visualization of the key Lean RFS concepts is available: We produced an attractive A1 concept overview poster that's you can use in workshops, for organizational lean work and transformation/improvement work, and which you can also pin on the wall.

The poster's content is primarily based on the excellent book Lean RFS (Repetitive Flexible Supply): Putting the Pieces Together by Ian Glenday and Rick Sather. The poster also integrates some aspects of Cell Structure Design and from Ernst Weichselbaum's work. 

The Lean RFS concept overview poster in A1 format will become available on May 9, 2024 exclusively from the Red42 web shop. You can pre-order the poster now! This poster is available in two versions: English and German. This is what Lean RFS creator Ian Glenday says about the poster:

"WOW - it's the whole Lean RFS book on one page: That's impressive. I particularly liked the combination of the principles and the benefits these give."

Info about the poster: Exclusively available from Red42. Direct link to the product. Color print, A1 format folded to A4 format. German poster version on back. Just EUR 9.00 per copy. Volume discounts and international shipping are available.

Find out more about Ian Glenday's Lean RFS approach at

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