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22 September: An Info Hour on OpenSpace Beta – with Niels Pflaeging

You are new to the OpenSpace Beta approach to transformation – and interested in learning more about it? You have heard a few things about transformation in just a few months, but are not sure yet if this is the right approach for you, your organization or your clients?

If this applies to you , then you should attend this free-of-charge introductory event organized by Red42. Join OpenSpace Beta co-creator Niels Pflaeging for a live conversation online, on 22 September, and get all your questions answered with regards to Time-Boxed Change, Very Fast Organizational Transformation and OpenSpace Beta. You will also hear about the latest news around OpenSpace Beta and about learning opportunities offered by Red42.

Info and registration:

For more about OpenSpace Beta, visit the OpenSpace Beta home page on the Red42 website. This page also hosts the open source license to the approach.

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