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Niels Pflaeging discusses the past, present and future of organizational Development, with Paul Tolchinsky and Rijon Erickson

For episode 24 of the BetaCodex LIVE series, Niels Pflaeging and Rijon Erickson invited Niels' long-time friend, org development pioneer, author and EODF founder Paul Tolchinsky, to look back at four decades of organizational change work. Together with Rijon Erickson, Niels and Paul also took a close look at the present and the future of the change and development craft.

This espisode of BetaCodex LIVE contains well-humored, yet thoughtful reflection, sensible advice by Paul Tolchinsky, and a critical look at the organizational development/organizational design scene today.

A "not-to-miss" video. 67 minutes duration.


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