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4 September: An Info Hour on the BetaCodex – with Rijon Erickson

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

You are new to the BetaCodex – the 12 principles of organizational decentralization, democracy at work, and agility - or more succinctly, a "Beta" organization - and you are interested in learning more about it? You have heard or read a few things about the BetaCodex, but are not sure yet if this is the right approach for your organization or your clients? You are keen on learning more about this innovative take on organizations and work that takes complexity and human nature into account?

Then this free-of-charge introductory event by Red42 is perfect for you.

Join Rijon Erickson on 4 September for a live conversation online, and get all your questions answered!

For more about the BetaCodex, visit the BetaCodex Network website.


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