The 2nd innovation from Red42. The reinvention of organizational design. Beta inside!

Cell Structure Design: Value creation - unleashed!

 A new open source social technology for all organizations with 30 people or more! Scales naturally.

Cell Structure Design: It is the present and the future of org design

Red42 is in the process of publishing the Cell Structure Design social technology in several shapes. The publication process started with the free concept overview (above in 2 languages, from June 2019). It continued with a content-dense 48-page concept booklet (available in German since June 2019), and concept overview posters in two languages.

Forthcoming: The Cell Structure Design handbook in German (coming March 2020); the booklet in English and an exclusive "learning box".  So watch out for news in this space over the coming months!

For review copies of our materials, please get in touch. 
We recommend reading the BetaCodex Network white paper on Cell Structure Design and take a look at the 1-page concept overview above. The Cell Structure Design open source license is shown on this page. Scroll down to take a look!

To get your team or your company acquainted with Cell Structure Design: visit one of our public workshops, or book an in-company version of the workshop!

The Cell Structure Design concept & its foundation

Silke and Niels have been pioneering Cell Structure Design for 11 years, and 16 years, respectively. Their first publications on Cell Structure Design date back to 2008: Niels then wrote the 2-part BetaCodex Network white paper "Turn Your Company Outside-In!", based on his research with the Beyond Budgeting Round Table, his client work and concepts from the "Flexible Targets" book from 2006.  The different versions of the white paper attracted 70.000+ readers so far. In 2011, Silke & Niels wrote another related paper together, which was their 1st joint publication: The hit paper "OrgPhysics. Explained", which elaborated further on the role of Value Creation Structure. Now, in 2019, with plenty of client practice around Cell Structure Design, Red42 publishes Cell Structure Design as an open source social technology. See the terms of licensing below!

The courses, workshops and services

Silke and Niels developed a 1-day workshop format for companies to approach Cell Structure Design. We also offer a variation of this workshop publicly, at Studio Red42 in Wiesbaden. Highly interactive method - no PowerPoint, of course.


For companies, we also offer highly customized, sequenced, iterative workshop series that allow you to flesh out your organization´s Cell Structure Design, under our conceptual guidance. Which then allows you to transform your structure, within just a few months.

Book, booklet, poster and learning box

Available in German language from the Red42 online store: The 48-page concept booklet.  The concept overview poster.  The brand new handbook with concept overview poster (see below). Order now!

Available in English: The concept overview poster. Forthcoming: The 48-page concept booklet that outlines the Cell Structure Design social technology in detail. Plus: The learning box with books, booklets, posters, and excklusive work sheets.

Social technology wants to be free!

The Cell Structure Design open source license

Cell Structure Design and BetaCodex©  are freely available, open-source social technologies: You are free to derive from Cell Structure Design and create innovative, new works yourself, and share your innovations with others, and even commercialize them.

Cell Structure Design (as outlined in our publications such as the brochure), as described through the open-source Cell Structure Design Overview, as well as related events, principles, roles, workshop formats, consulting techniques and related documents are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. This license is an open source license: Under this license, you are strongly encouraged to innovate by freely developing applications based upon Cell Structure Design.

About the license Attribution ShareAlike – “CC-BY-SA”

  • credit the original authors, Niels Pflaeging and Silke Hermann,
  • and provide our specified link to the source material, as listed below,
  • and license your derivative creations to others under the identical terms.

Specifically, you must provide and prominently display the following link with any and all derived works, and included as part of all related graphics you develop:

“This work is derived from Cell Structure Design, an open source, free social technology by Niels Pflaeging & Silke Hermann, published under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license from Creative Commons, and found here:"