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Niels Pflaeging talks about Relative Targets – the reinvention of organizational performance systems

Relative Targets is an open source social technology that was developed and published by Niels Pflaeging of Red42, in 2021. The approach is based on the research of the Beyond Budgeting and BetaCodex movements, and on pioneering cases such as Handelsbanken, Toyota, dm-drogerie markt, Buurtzorg, and W.L. Gore.

In this introductory video, Niels gives an overview over the roots, the elements and the applicability of the Relative Targets approach, and answers participant's questions. Be prepared to be surprised!

Watch the 65-minute recording of "Relative Targets: A short introduction to the world’s most powerful approach to performance systems" here:

For more information about Relative Targets, visit

Get your ticket for the Relative Targets Quick Start course in August

Get the Relative Targets concept overview poster in the Red42 web shop.

Read the BetaCodex Network white paper on Relative Targets.

Read an article by Niels Pflaeging about Relative Targets.

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