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New edition of the "OpenSpace Beta" handbook is being released

BetaCodex Press publishes the 3rd edition of the successful OpenSpace Beta book by Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging. The new edition is already available in the Red42 web shop.

"Compared to the changes that came with the book's 2nd edition, this time the updates and changes have been more subtle," Niels Pflaeging explains. "Silke and I have been doing quite a bit of OpenSpace Beta client work, and we learned a lot about the nuts and bolts of Very Fast Organizational Transformation, since we created the approach, in 2018. The insight and research gathered from the client work will soon appear in an entirely different book on OpenSpace Beta , which is about to be called OpenSpace Beta Commentary. For the new edition of the OpenSpace Beta handbook, however, we focused on corrections, updates and the additional resources in the book's last chapters, this time around. We think these changes make the handbook more useful for all kinds of readers, including academics and, of course, anyone interested in transforming their own organizations through OpenSpace Beta."

Visit the OpenSpace Beta page on this website.

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