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In a new video, Niels Pflaeging outlines why companies need to be decentralized and federative

Our founder Niels Pflaeging was invited ot host a session of the Systemic Agility podcast, entitled "Decentralize, repeat! Getting to Systemic Agility".

During the 84-minute session, Niels explained

  1. Why “embedding agility in the whole system” means decentralizing, and making organizations federative

  2. Why any org design concept that do not understand the difference between periphery & center stinks

  3. Why technique, frameworks and the “agile manifesto” won’t save us – and why we must opt to embrace contemporary theory, knowledge and technology

  4. How Cell Structure Design, or the alternative to centralised, steered command-and-control works

  5. Why actual transformation never takes more than just a few months

Watch the full recording on YouTube here: 


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