What makes us different: We are...

modernist. dogmatic. never lecturing. didactic. broadening. contemporary. stylish. revealing. unyielding. reasonable. strictly among adults. political. for all. reputable. enlightening. rebellious. humanizing. unpretentious. connecting. red. That is Red42

A fresh approach

Red42 is an innovation-centric start-up on the fringe of organizational development and L&D.

We are dedicated to thoughtful research and development of truly innovative Complexitools on the fringe of organizational development and L&D. We do this In exchange with colleagues, with like-minded peers around the world, and with existing networks. Beyond consulting, beyond coaching, courses, trainings and seminars, beyond leadership programs, eLearning or MOOCs.

Deliberating. Discourse. Didactics.

These are our three Ds.

We apply them internally and externally. To everything we do.


New on this website:        Cell Structure Design

In June 2019, we published Cell Structure Design as an open source social technology. Find the conceptual overview and the open source license here!

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Didactics: The magic ingredient to organizational renaissance

Organizations in complexity need internal learning economies - well beyond traditional Learning & Development (L&D), knowledge management, personnel development or leadership programs. In companies, learning method must be effective for the individual, for the team and for the organization. That is no easy feat.

Red42 aims at researching and developing self-organized, group-based, engaging, insightful, weaving, and immediately effective learning economies for today´s organizations. Built on coherent, contemporary didactics, or learning method.


Didactics is the key. Great didactics focus on mastery, not just knowledge. It promotes self-organized learning, not dependence. It produces individual and collective insight, not just individual experience. It is enamored with social interaction, not with technology. It is mind-boggling & stimulating - never boring.