modernist. dogmatic. never lecturing. didactic. broadening. contemporary. stylish. revealing. unyielding. reasonable. strictly among adults. political. for all. reputable. enlightening. rebellious. humanizing. unpretentious. connecting. red. That is Red42.

A fresh approach

Red42 is an innovation-centric start-up on the fringe of organizational development and L&D.

We are dedicated to thoughtful research and development of truly innovative Complexitools on the fringe of organizational development and L&D. In exchange with colleagues, with like-minded peers around the world, and with existing networks. Beyond consulting, coaching, courses, trainings and seminars, leadership programs, eLearning and MOOCs.

#Deliberating.             #Discourse.              #Didactics.

These are our three Ds.

We apply them internally and externally. And to everything we do.


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Didactics: The magic ingredient to organizational renaissance

Organizations in complexity need internal learning economies - well beyond traditional Learning & Development (L&D), knowledge management, personnel development or leadership programs. For the individual and for the organization.

Red42 aims at researching and developing self-organized, group-based, engaging, insightful, weaving, and immediately effective learning economies for today´s organizations. Built on coherent, contemporary didactics, or learning method.


Didactics is the key. Great didactics focus on mastery, not just knowledge. It promotes self-organized learning, not dependence. It produces individual and collective insight, not just individual experience. It is enamored with social interaction, not with technology. It is mind-boggling & stimulating - never boring.