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Red42 offers a fresh take on learning & development – for organizations of all kinds. Red42 is an innovation power-house on the fringe of organizational development and L&D. Our work is aimed at organizational decentralization and transformation, on working the system. All our services, including consulting, are short-duration & high-impact. We also offer a wide range of proprietary products and events By the way: The fastest way to get advice from us is Get Unstuck virtual advisory.


The spirit of consistent self-organization and decentralization, rooted in adamantly democratic principles, is visible in everything that we do. Everything we do at Red42 is based upon the organizational model called the BetaCodex, as well as upon approaches we developed. Such as the brand new Relative Targets (2021), OpenSpace Beta (2018), Cell Structure Design (2019) and LearningCircles by Red42 (2019) - now put to full use by the international tech company qomenius.

Info sessions on the three Work the System approaches

 Check out the dates of the upcoming Red42 Info Hours on Eventbrite and register free of charge!

As of Juli 2022, Red42 supports qomenius in bringing a new breed of collaborative learning technology to the world

We at Red42 are happy to announce the launch of qomenius, based in Wiesbaden.
The qomenius approach to discourse learning was first developed in 2018 by Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging (then called LearningCircles by Red42). This social technology was transferred into the realm of the digital in 2020, and expanded to an internationally commercialized license model and service offering in 2022. The focus of qomenius is on servicing workplace learning and educational institutions, globally. Read more about all of this on the qomenius website!

Cool stuff from Red42

BetaCodex MasterClass

A new edition of our exclusive online format with Niels is coming up! Check out our invitation!

Work the System: 100% hero-free

We believe that great organizations, organizational development and growth do not require heroes. - neither internal ones, nor external ones.  In complex times, executives or top managers need not be heroes at all. Accordingly, none of our approaches, which include OpenSpace Beta, Cell Structure Design, Relative Targets and LearningCircles by Red42 requires heroism, nor does it produce heroes. Our work is 100% hero-free – guaranteed.

New from Red42: Relative Targets

Red42 published Relative Targets as an open source social technology in February 2021. The roots of Relative Targets reach back two decades: It is based upon the BetaCodex and Beyond Budgeting, as well as on 17 years of client work by Niels and Silke. Find the conceptual overview and the open source license here!