Innovative "social technologies" created by Red42

Work the System: Transformation empowered by Red42

When founding Red42, in 2018, we set out to bring a great deal of innovation to the fields of organizational development and learning at work. The offspring of our first years with Red42 have been manifold.

  • Relative Targets (2021)  – the performance approach for all organizations of 25 people or more
  • Cell Structure Design (2019) – the structure & leadership approach for all organizations of 25 people or more
  • OpenSpace Beta (2018) – the time-boxed transformation approach for organizations of 60 people or more
  • LearningCircles by Red42 (2019) – the learning ecosystem for all organizations of 25 people or more

All our social technologies are free-to-use, published under the license Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike – “CC-BY-SA”. Which means that you are free to use them, to commercialize them, and to develop new things with and around them, under the terms of their individual use licenses.


At Red42, we also offer a wide range of related products and services, to help organizations and peers having an impact!