This is Red42

Since Red42 was founded in October 2018, we have been launching, or establishing our range of different business and products - chiefly OpenSpace Beta, Cell Structure DesignLearningCircles by Red42, and DevLabs. Plus  books, brochures posters, and learning boxes, under our BetaCodex Publishing brand. We are currently preparing to grow Red42 by assembling a small, yet powerful team. Below, you will find an overview over our current team members, as well contact information to reach out to any of us directly, and a few hints at what each of us contributes to Red42 value creation, overall. Some of these hints may be somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Constellation work: ongoing! 

And we are hiring! If you want to join our team, you should take a good look at our website first, including our hiring page.  
You can get in touch with us through! We look forward to hear from you!

Silke Hermann

Selected roles: Lead artist. Red42 founder. Creation maverick. Producer. Constellation builder.

Niels Pflaeging 

Selected roles: Lead artist. Red42 founder. Publisher. Designer-in-training. Occasional wordsmith.

Silas Pittner

Selected roles: Graphic designer, Media designer for digital & print

Stefan Diepolder

Selected roles: Learning Kurator, LearningCircles Coach. Social/Beta learning expert 

Peter Proell

Selected roles: Connector. Transformation geek. OpenSpace Beta Master of Ceremonies/Coach

to be announced...
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