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Organize for Complexity.

How to get life back into work to build
the high-performance organization

Niels Pflaeging

3rd edition, BetaCodex Publishing, 2014

144 pages, fully colored, paperback.

Illustrated by Pia Steinmann.

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How to (re)vitalize work and make organizations
fit for a complex world

Niels Pflaeging & Silke Hermann

BetaCodex Publishing, 2019

144 pages, fully colored, paperback.

Illustrated by Pia Steinmann.

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OpenSpace Beta. 
A handbook for organizational transformation
in just 90 days

Silke Hermann & Niels Pflaeging

BetaCodex Publishing, 2018

146 pages, fully colored, paperback.

Illustrated by Ingeborg Scheer.

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BetaCodex Publishing brochures.

Several brochures available in German already.

Forthcoming: brochures in English!

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White papers & articles

White papers

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Organize for Complexity - BetaCodex Network white paper


Change-as-Flipping - article on LinkedIn

By Niels Pflaeging

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