The 1st Work the System approach from Red42. The reinvention of change

OpenSpace Beta: Change & transformation, unleashed

 An open source social technology that allows your organization to get to Beta. In 90 days. Regardless of size

Launched in late 2018, OpenSpace Beta was the 1st innovative social technology published by Red42. In early 2019 we at Red42 accompanied our first client undergoing transformation with OpenSpace Beta. OpenSpace Beta was shortlisted for the XING New Work Award, in 2020 and in 2021.


 On this page, read BetaCodex Network white papers about the key principles behind OpenSpace Beta: The concepts of Very Fast Organizational Transformation! You can find a bunch of videos about the OpenSpace Beta approach. You can learn about the transformation-related products that Red42 offers. Last but not least: The OpenSpace Beta open source license can be found on this page, too.

The OpenSpace Beta concept overview

In addition to the handbook, the timeline is an important tool for your Beta transformation with OpenSpace Beta.

The timeline gives you a great overview over the OpenSpace Beta approach and its inner workings. You can buy the OpenSpace Beta timeline as a print poster in our shop. Share it. Put it up on the wall where you need it! Click on the image below to zoom in!

OpenSpace Beta concept overview, version 2020

The license

OpenSpace Beta© is based on Prime/OS™, which was developed by Daniel Mezick, and published as an Open Source, Free Social Technology via the CC-BY-SA license from Creative Commons. Download the Prime/OS™ definition here:


OpenSpace Beta© and Prime/OS are both freely available, open source, social technologies: You are free to derive from OpenSpace Beta© and create innovative, new works yourself, and share your innovations with others, and even commercialize them. 

OpenSpace Beta™, the open-source OpenSpace Beta time line, events, rules, roles, meetings, consulting techniques and related documents are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. This license is an open source license: Under this license, you are strongly encouraged to innovate by freely developing applications based upon OpenSpace Beta.


This license lets you remix, tweak, and build upon OpenSpace Beta, even for commercial reasons. In so doing, you agree to:

  • credit the original authors, Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging (of Red42),
  • and provide our specified link to the source material, as listed below,
  • and license your derivative creations to others under the identical terms.

Specifically, you must provide and prominently display the following link with any and all derived works, and included as part of all related graphics you develop:

“This work is derived from OpenSpace Beta©, an Open Source, Free Social Technology published under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license from Creative Commons, and found here:


OpenSpace Beta© is a registered trademark.

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The handbook

"Organizational transformation is difficult," they say. "It must be so hard." "It takes a long, long time - and maybe it will never happen!"  


No more! In 2018, profound organizational transformation got a lot less complicated! The OpenSpace Beta handbook, authored by Silke and Niels, is for anyone who is interested in creating rapid and lasting Beta transformation. 

Buy the handbook, or choose the unique Ultimate Changemaker Box with books, posters and learning materials from Red42.

The certification

OpenSpace Beta is logical and uncomplicated - but it is not simple.

Which is why we offer qualification in the OpenSpace Beta approach.

This is not a training. But actual qualification. Courses are available both online and classroom-based. Become a certified OpenSpace Beta Practitioner: We offer 2-day certification courses. Forthcoming certification opportunities can be found on the event page on this website!

The services

If you want to get going with Beta transformation, then working with Silke and Niels is the logical starting-point.


From introductory sessions about Beta and the OpenSpace Beta way of transforming an organization in very little time, to accompanying your OpenSpace Beta "chapter" - with Red42, Silke and Niels offer everything that you need to get going. Red42 also provides qualification courses and certifications in the OpenSpace Beta approach.

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