The 1st innovation from Red42. A paradigm-shattering approach to transformation. The reinvention of change!

OpenSpace Beta: Change & transformation - unleashed

 An open source social technology that allows your organization to get to Beta. In 90 days. Regardless of size

Launched in late 2018, OpenSpace Beta has been the 1st innovative social technology published by Red42. Check out the OpenSpace Beta website on! Read a BetaCodex Network white paper about the key principles, or concepts of Very Fast Organizational Transformation here! Read a content-dense interview with Silke Hermann & Niels Pflaeging about OpenSpace Beta here!

The handbook

"Organizational transformation is difficult," they say. "It must be so hard." "It takes a long, long time - and maybe it will never happen!"  


No more! Profound organizational transformation just got a lot less complicated! The OpenSpace Beta handbook, authored by Silke and Niels, is for anyone who is interested in creating rapid and lasting Beta transformation. 

Buy the handbook in English and in German - further translations are forthcoming!

The certification

OpenSpace Beta is logical and uncomplicated - but it is not simple.

Which is why we offer qualification in the OpenSpace Beta approach.

This is not a training. But actual qualification. Courses are available both online and classroom-based.  Become a certified OpenSpace Beta Practitioner: We offer 2-day certification courses. Several forthcoming certification opportunities can be found on the event page on this website!

The services

If you want to get going with Beta transformation, then working with Silke and Niels is the logical starting-place.


From introductory sessions about Beta and the OpenSpace Beta way of transforming an organization in very little time, to accompanying your OpenSpace Beta "chapter" - with Red42, Silke and Niels offer everything that you need to get going. Red42 also provides qualification courses and certifications in the OpenSpace Beta approach.