The 3rd innovation from Red42. The revolutionary new learning economy - in a box.

LearningCircles by Red42: A brand new learning technology

Learning on the fringe of organizational development

LearningCircles by Red42 is a brand new learning technology. A revolution in learning & development is coming up.
LearningCircles are like nothing you have ever seen before in organizational learning:

  • Self-organized: Truly learner-driven.
  • Focused: Providing content & didactics.
  • Un-digital: Beautiful & haptic.
  • Effective: Enabling learning on the individual & the group & the organizational level. All at the same time.

In an age of "elearning same-sameness", LearningCircles allows your organization to make a giant leap forward into the realm of self-organized, relevant, social learning. It is corporate learning - unleashed!

Coming soon!