The 1st Learn the System approach from Red42. The revolutionary new social technology - in a box

LearningCircles by Red42: A new learning technology

Workplace learning on the fringe of organizational development

LearningCircles by Red42 is a brand new learning technology. A revolution in learning & development is coming up.
LearningCircles are like nothing you have ever seen before in organizational learning:

  • Self-organized: Group-based & truly learner-driven
  • Focused: Combining content and didactics
  • Un-digital: Beautiful & haptic learning materials. Delivered internationally
  • Effective: Enabling learning on the individual, group and organizational levels - all at the same time
  • Hassle-free: No teachers/trainers, no experts, no classrooms, no travel needed
  • Keeping the learning space open: Careful infrastructure setup, multifold quality assurance mechanisms
  • Time-boxed: on the learning session and learning cycle levels
  • For everyone. For all learners in all organizations "above 30"

In an age of "elearning same-sameness" and training desperation, LearningCircles allows your organization to make a giant leap forward into the realm of self-organized, relevant, social learning. It is corporate learning - unleashed!


Now available: The concept booklet on LearningCircles by Red42 in German.

The concept overview (in English and in German)

Social technology wants to be free!

The LearningCircles by Red42 open source license

LearningCircles by Red42 is a freely available, open-source social technology: You are free to derive from LearningCircles by Red42 and create innovative, new works yourself, and share your innovations with others, and even commercialize them.

LearningCircles by Red42 (as outlined in our publications such as the forthcoming booklet), is described through the open-source LearningCircles by Red42 Concept Overview, as well as related events, principles, roles, workshop formats, consulting techniques and related documents are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. This license is an open source license: Under this license, you are strongly encouraged to innovate by freely developing applications based upon LearningCircles by Red42.

About the license Attribution ShareAlike – “CC-BY-SA”

  • credit the original authors, Niels Pflaeging and Silke Hermann (of Red42),
  • and provide our specified link to the source material, as listed below,
  • and license your derivative creations to others under the identical terms.

Specifically, you must provide and prominently display the following link with any and all derived works, and included as part of all related graphics you develop:

“This work is derived from LearningCircles by Red42, an open source, free social technology published by Silke Hermann & Niels Pflaeging under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license from Creative Commons, and found here:"

Available LearningCircles by Red42 modules

We started delivering LearningCircles modules to clients in August 2019. 


Cycle "Foundations" - module titles in English and in German

  • Module 001:  Human nature at work: The key to getting organizations unstuck/
    Wie ist der Mensch? Eine geheimnisvolle Zutat und ihre Folgen 
  • Module 002: The Blue and the Red. Complicated, or complex: A difference that makes a difference/
    Das Blaue und das Rote. Kompliziert oder komplex: Ein Unterschied, der einen Unterschied macht
  • Module 003: Org Physics: The three structures of every organization/
    Organisationsphysik: Die drei Strukturen der Organisation
  • Module 004: Rules & Principles: The problems they solve - and do not solve/
    Regeln & Prinzipien: Welche Probleme sie lösen - welche nicht
  • Module 005: The Power of Language: The good, the bad, the ugly/
    Die Macht der Sprache: Wie unsere Begriffe Organisation & Arbeit prägen

Forthcoming: Cycle "Distinctions" - modules will be published first in English and in German

  • Module 006: No problem! About symptoms, problems and messes
  • Module 007: Decisions and agreements
  • Module 008: Decentralization versus steering
  • Module 009: Teams and groups
  • Module 010: Relative targets versus fixed targets