This is Red42

Since Red42 was founded in October 2018, we have been launching, or establishing our range of different business and products - chiefly OpenSpace Beta, Cell Structure DesignLearningCircles by Red42DevLabs. Plus  books, brochures posters, and learning boxes, under our BetaCodex Publishing brand. We are currently preparing for growing Red42 by assembling a small, yet powerful team. Below, you will find an overview over our current team members, as well contact information to reach out to any of us directly, and a few hints at what each of us contributes to Red42 value creation, overall. Some of these hints may be somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Constellation work: ongoing! 

And we are hiring! If you want to join our team, you should take a good look at our website first, including our hiring page.  
You can get in touch with us through! We look forward to hear from you!

Silke Hermann

Selected roles: Lead artist. Red42 founder

Creation maverick. Producer. Constellation builder.

Niels Pflaeging 

Selected roles: Lead artist. Red42 founder
Publisher. Designer-in-training. Occasional wordsmith.

Lea Hohneck

Selected roles: Event & project lead.
Campaign champion.

Studio manager.

Ronny Maritzen

Selected roles: Connector.  Facilitator. Possibilitarian. Sparring partner & catalyst. Rhein-Main Meetup coordinator

Peter Proell

Selected roles: Connector

to be announced.

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