Silke Hermann & Niels Pflaeging: Red42 founders/lead artists

"With Red42, we decided to cover two themes, or spheres: organizational development and L&D. What these two spheres have in common today is that there is way too much hype going on in them, and way too little actual innovation. We are dedicated to changing that! Red42 is dogmatic - in that we have a firm point of view. It is didactics. And it focuses on transforming entire organizations, internationally, in conjunction with peers." That is what Silke and Niels say about their new, joint enterprise, Red42. With Red42, the two are making a huge step toward renewing, indeed reinventing Organizational Development (OD) on the fringe with Learning & Development (L&D).


Silke and Niels are the authors of several books: They wrote the business book bestseller Complexitools (forthcoming in English in 2019), the recently published OpenSpace Beta (2018) and the work/life organizer The Uncomplicated Year (2016). In addition to that, they each authored business books, individually. 


Together, Silke and Niels are the creators of the open source social technologies Cell Structure Design and OpenSpace Beta, and of concepts such as Org PhysicsChange-as-Flipping and LearningCircles by Red42 - to name just some of their most notable innovations so far.  Since 2009, they have collaborated in advancing the BetaCodex social technology and community.


Both have run businesses for more than 15 years. As entrepreneurs, advisors, speakers and authors, Silke and Niels earned reputations for being highly progressive business thinkers and innovators. They have made names for themselves in the German-speaking countries, especially. What distinguishes the two Red42 founders from most others in their fields, apart from their ingenuity: None of them shies away from public discourse; both are well-known for always being one step ahead of the zeitgeist - well-aware of the traps of hype and thoughtless pleasing.  

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