Inviting Leadership Master Class w/Daniel Mezick

Special Guest event at Studio Red42, Wiesbaden: next date to be announced.
In English. With certification.


Format: 1-Tages Workshop mit Daniel Mezick
Workshopsprache: Englisch
Eure Gastgeber: Daniel Mezick leitet den Workshop, Silke Hermann & Niels Pfläging werden den Tag begleiten


About the workshop: 

Engaging employees is essential to achieving rapid and lasting change, and invitations from leaders are a primary way to engage the workforce. The challenge is in how to safely and pragmatically balance the use of delegation and invitation to achieve the desired outcomes. Exactly how to do that is the focus of this class. If you are responsible for delivering on business agility through an agile or digital transformation, or if you provide consulting to those who do, this is your class. 

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About Daniel Mezick

Coaching executives and teams since 2006, Daniel Mezick is a ScrumAtScale Trainer, an expert on business agility, and an author of three books on organizational change. A frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences, Daniel’s list of clients include Capital One, INTUIT, Adobe, CIGNA, Pitney Bowes, Siemens Healthcare, Harvard, and dozens of smaller enterprises.

His first pioneering work on culture was published in 2012.  The Culture Game described 16 specific patterns that extend Agile ideas across the organization, beyond software. In 2014 he built upon those patterns and formulated the OpenSpace Agility method. “OSA” is a flexible template and engagement model for enabling lasting change in your organization. Daniel is the primary author of the OpenSpace Agility Handbook , published in 2015 with several co-authors. In 2018 Daniel co-authored Inviting Leadership: Invitation-Based Change in the New World or Work. Upon publication, this book reached #1 on the Amazon bestseller list in the Organizational Learning category.

Daniel’s enterprise consulting practice is built upon the core concepts found inside these books. He conducts workshops based on these books, and also offers enterprise Agile coaching, Agile training programs for teams, and management consulting. You can learn more and contact him at
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Course Description: 

Business agility is no longer optional. Rapidly accelerating change, driven by technology, is disrupting the world of work and redefining the game of leadership. Slow-moving, top-down leadership styles are less and less effective with each passing day. The successful leaders of today are finding ways to engage the entire workforce and focus the attention of the whole enterprise on higher performance. These leaders are pivoting their style from delegation to invitation. 

Inviting Leadership is your roadmap for implementing Invitation-Based Change™ in the new world of work. This class shows you how to leverage genuine invitation to engage the workforce, and generate the positive business outcomes that come from self-managed teams. Inviting Leadership shows you how to do more with less. 

With this 1-day class, you will learn how to safely and pragmatically transform your leadership style, and your results: 

  • Greatly increase employee engagement
  • Improve overall business efficiency with self-managed teams
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Achieve higher scores in every business outcome you are measuring
  • Help your entire organization become more competitive and adaptive
  • Build a genuine and lasting environment of continuous improvement
  • Scale these business outcomes across the entire enterprise

Inviting Leadership is your leadership road map for achieving genuine and lasting business agility by applying Open methods to engage, motivate and inspire your people. 


What You Will Learn:

  • Fundamental concepts and facilities of leadership invitation
  • Understand the link between delegation, invitation, employee decision-making, and genuine business agility. Learn when to use delegation, invitation or a mix of the two approaches
  • How to use invitations to amplify your leadership and results by generating high-volume feedback
  • How to safely and pragmatically use leadership invitations to get exponential growth in employee engagement and results
  • The Inviting Leadership Master Class with certification is your learning event and your road map for achieving genuine and lasting business agility. 


This learning event includes the following learner takeaways:

  • The 1-day learning event and all printed materials; 
  • A Level 1 certificate in the  Inviting Leadership  method based on the book of the same name. Your Level 1 certification includes your placement  in the public listing of certificants
  • The Kindle Edition of the  Inviting Leadership  book (the book is almost 400 pages);
  • Thirty days of support by email with answers to all your questions, after the event.

Who benefits most from participation: 

Company leaders and decision-makers;

Professional coaches & consultants who help facilitate Agile and digital transformation;

PeopleOps and Human Resource professionals.



  • Beginn 10.00 Uhr. Ende 18.00 Uhr. Maximal 15 Teilnehmer.
  • Ort: Wiesbaden - Studio Red42, Matthias-Claudius-Strasse 16, 65185 Wiesbaden (nahe dem Wiesbadener Hbf).
  • Teilnehmerbeitrag: EUR 800,00, zzgl. EUR 25,00 Tagungspauschale für Getränke/Snacks/Mittagessen, zzgl. USt.
  • Anmeldung per Email an Claudia Keller, - first come, first served.
  • Hotelempfehlung: MotelOne Wiesbaden oder Best Western Wiesbaden - beide ganz in der Nähe vom Studio Red42, nahe dem Hauptbahnhof

Wir freuen uns über Weiterleitung und Teilnehmer-"Werbung", sowie über dein Feedback und auf deine Teilnahme!