We will re-boot live-attendance workshops at Studio Red42 starting June 2021

Online events

16/03/2021 - Info Hour: OpenSpace Beta with Niels Pflaeging - limited to 60 participants: sign up on Eventbrite

29/03-07/04/2021 - BetaCodex MasterClass with Niels Pflaeging - limited to 8 participants

13-15/04/2021 - Cell Structure Design Online Course with Niels Pflaeging - limited to 8 participants

27/04/2021 - Info Hour: Relative Targets with Niels Pflaeging - limited to 60 participants: sign up on Eventbrite

06/05/2021 - Info Hour: Cell Structure Design with Niels Pflaeging - limited to 60 participants. Sign up on Eventbrite


For inquiries, send an email to contact@RedForty2.com 

Events at Studio Red42 (Wiesbaden/D)

For all our events at Studio Red42, we are making only 6 seats available for now: Depending on Coronavirus conditions, we may scale workshops up to 12 participants later. All our live events are highly interactive - we offer neither conventional seminars, nor trainings. Events at our studio are 100% PowerPoint-free. 

Exclusively during February, March, April and May 2021 - Red42 House Events

12/07/2021 - Workshop Cell Structure Design (en), 1-day workshop with Niels  - 6  participants only

13-14/07/2021 - OpenSpace Beta Certification (en), 2-day workshop with Silke or Niels  - 6 participants only


All Wiesbaden events take place at Studio Red42 (address on the right), just 30 minutes from Frankfurt Airport, just a few walking minutes from Wiesbaden main station. For inquiries & registrations, send an email to contact@RedForty2.com 

Niels Pflaegings speaking agenda

Find Niels´ speaking agenda on his personal website, here! 

Niels speaks English (EN), German (DE), Spanish (ES) and Portuguese (PT).

New date: 21/22 October 2021

Comeleon Conference, Zagreb/Cratia

Silke and Niels will both appear as speakers at this exciting conference.

The new date in October 2021 has just been announced.