We re-booted live-attendance workshops at Studio Red42 in June 2021

Online events

12/10/2021 - Info Hour: Relative Targets with Niels Pflaeging - limited to 60 participants: sign up on Eventbrite

02/11/2021 - Info Hour: Cell Structure Design with Niels Pflaeging - limited to 60 participants. Sign up on Eventbrite

02/12/2021 - Info Hour: OpenSpace Beta with Niels Pflaeging - limited to 60 participants: Sign up now on Eventbrite

upon request 2021 - Cell Structure Design Online Course with Niels Pflaeging - limited to 8 participants

upon request 2021 - BetaCodex MasterClass with Niels Pflaeging - limited to 8 participants

Events at Studio Red42 (Wiesbaden/D)

All Wiesbaden events take place at Studio Red42 (address on the right), just 30 minutes from Frankfurt Airport by car, and few walking minutes from Wiesbaden main station. For now, we are stalling workshops in English language at our Studio Red42 in Wiesbaden, due to the Coronavirus situation. We continue with in-house events and will set new public workshop dates once restrictions are loosened. All our live events are highly interactive - we offer neither conventional seminars, nor trainings. All events are 100% PowerPoint-free!

upon request - Workshop Cell Structure Design (en), 1-day workshop with Niels  - 8  participants only

upon request - OpenSpace Beta Certification (en), 2-day workshop with Silke or Niels  - 8 participants only


For inquiries & registrations, send an email to contact@RedForty2.com 

Niels Pflaegings speaking agenda

Find Niels´ speaking agenda on his personal website, here! 

Niels speaks English (EN), German (DE), Spanish (ES) and Portuguese (PT).

New date: 21/22 October 2021

Comeleon Conference, Zagreb/Cratia

Silke and Niels will both appear as speakers at this exciting conference.

The new date in October 2021 has just been announced.