Immediate value. Minimal expenditure of time, minimal risk. Two highly experienced advisors who will not hold back

Get Unstuck – Red42 Virtual Advisory

Get unstuck. Get prepared. Get discourse! Sometimes it takes just a single great conversation to get unstuck, and to move on with new focus and revived spirit. Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging are both advisors with abundant conceptual insight, a high level of mastery and decade-long experience. Now there is an easy way for you to access their expertise and get their advice. Or just make use of a great opportunity for reflection. With no hassle, and no strings attached.  It only takes a single, virtual work session. You can book your Get Unstuck session with Silke or Niels through our shop.

Your advisors

Silke Hermann

Niels Pflaeging 

This is how Get Unstuck works

This format is about reflection, discourse, and advice from Red42. You get immediate value. There are no obligations for you beyond the individual work session. No follow-up is required.

  • First, book your Get Unstuck session through our shop. Please outline your topic (see choice of topics below) and relevant preferences within your booking message.
  • We will get in touch with you within 24 hours, to schedule a day and hour for your virtual session. Get Unstuck sessions usually happen within 14 days after booking. 
  • All sessions are carried out by Silke Hermann or Niels Pflaeging. Depending on 1) the nature of your problem, 2) your preferred language and 3) your overall preference – which you may all indicate in your booking. Your conversation will be with either of the two.
  • Session length is up to 2 hours, usually. 120 minutes allow for checking in, creating a joint understanding of the problem, taking context into view, reflection, discussing your options, summing up, and checking out. Expect the conversation to be straightforward, and our advice to be no-nonsense. It is up to you to make use of our advice, or not.
  • Available languages: English and German (Silke/Niels), Spanish and Portuguese (Niels)
  • The session can be done by phone or Zoom, or through any other virtual platform that works for you and for us.

Themes for Get Unstuck sessions

Please indicate one of the following topics of interest when booking!


For companies

  • THEME ONE. Clarifying doubts. Possible questions might include:
    • We know something is not right, but we have not figured out yet how to act upon it. What are options for organizational development that we might pursue? And how?
    • We have been thinking about structures, effectiveness, collaboration and effectiveness. Decentralization seems interesting, but how can I be sure it actually works?
    • We want to get ready for the future, and are evaluating alternatives like "Beta", decentralization and  consistent self-organization. How is this  different from other approaches that are available in the market?
    • Is organizational decentralization and consistent self-organization really suitable for us? 
    • How do specific aspects of decentralization work? What are patterns and useful practices?
    • How do specific aspects of transformation with OpenSpace Beta really work?
    • How can I get buy-in for the transformation among owners, or within my organization?
    • How does decentralization fit with Agile, Lean other methods and approaches we are using? 
    • My organization is already overwhelmed by change initiatives. How is getting to Beta possible under these circumstances?
  • THEME TWO. First Steps: Preparing for action. Possible questions might include:
    • Our previous change initiatives had limited impact - how can I approach change differently? 
    • What insights or do we need to get going with change, or transformation?
    • We are already involved in many initiatives. How can we approach transformation, without our resources becoming even more stretched?
    • I want to get going with decentralization: How do I prepare the ground?
    • How do I win other people's hearts and minds for the change? How do I talk to my peers about it?
    • What is the financial side of transformation for decentralization? Who can help me, or can I do everything myself?
    • How can I get started with OpenSpace Beta, or Cell Structure Design?
  • THEME THREE. Removing barriers to change. Possible questions might include:
    • How do I deal with difficult behaviors, in the context of transformation and change?
    • I initiated some things already and we had some successes. But how do I proceed with transformation, or accelerate it? What are missing pieces or things I might have overlooked?
    • Some of the things we have been doing are not working. What went wrong and how do I fix them?
  • THEME FOUR. Other topics that you might be interested in:
    Your issue may not be covered in the suggestions above.
    Please briefly outline your topic in the notes when booking your session. 


For consultants, advisors, coaches

  • THEME FIVE. Peer advice. Possible questions might include:
    • How do I position myself with the BetaCodex, and with related topics and approaches?
    • How do I "sell" decentralization, Cell Structure Design etc. to clients?
    • How do I engage successfully with possible OpenSpace Beta chapter Sponsors?
    • How to write winning client proposals for OpenSpace Beta, or Cell Structure Design?
    • How do I overcome specific challenges as a Master of Ceremonies, within OpenSpace Beta?
    • How do I solve specific client problems, with regards to decentralization?
    • Or other topics of your choice (please indicate in the notes section when booking).

How to book your Get Unstuck session

Booking an advice, or discourse session could not be easier. You can buy it through our shop, if you like. Getting in touch with us by email is also fine. The session price includes VAT (if applicable). Upon booking, you will of course receive an invoice from us. Your session date and session hour are set after your booking. Expect the Get Unstuck session to take 2 hours, approximately.


For questions regarding Red42 Get Unstuck, please get in touch with us through We are looking forward to hear from you.


Conditions of payment: The quality of our work is guaranteed. Once booked, this service is non-cancelable for any reason. However, you may reschedule, postpone, or delay your session without penalty and without time limit, subject only to mutually agreeable time frames in the future.