Short-term, high-impact advisory from Red42

Our services

All our services, including consulting & advisory, are consistently rooted in principles of decentralization and consistent self-organization. We combine those principles with approaches and social technologies that we have developed, written about, and shared, such as Cell Structure DesignOpenSpace Beta and LearningCircles by Red42.


  • Short-term, high-impact. The services we offer all serve the purpose of enabling our clients to achieve full-fledged organizational decentralization and transformation, within very little time. Which means: Within just a few months.
  • Our services are always time-boxed, in order to achieve speedy impact. They have a starting-date and an end-date. Reliably. Consistent with the idea of achieving maximum impact, fast, our fees are never based on hourly rates or daily rates. But on the value you achieve by working with us. Neither do we want to waste your time, nor ours. Expect us to have a conversation with you about value, before we start working together – and not just about price. 
  • You, our clients, are always in charge. The spirit of consistent self-organization and team-based empowerment runs through all our work. Including the way we work with clients. 

The fastest way to get started with us...

... is called Get Unstuck Virtual Advisory. It is extremely straightforward. So straightforward you can book it through our shop. Read more about Get Unstuck here!