For a limited period only! During February to May 2021

Red42 House Events

Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging are convinced that nothing equals personal encounter. The personal encounter between humans has its very own significance – its own quality. Which is why the two developed this new event format which works even in times of Coronavirus.


Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging invite you and up to two guests of yours to a highly exclusive and intimate afternoon & evening  – full of joint creative work & discourse, international dining, stories and more! Silke and Niels enjoy being good hosts. They love cooking and good food, wine and meaningful conversation. They enjoy supporting others in their work and professional advancement. So they decided to share this unique experience at their studio in Wiesbaden, Germany.


Join Silke and Niels at Studio Red42 in central Wiesbaden, during an intimate day of work & fun!

Explore & advance a topic that is close to your heart - without restrictions, and in a confidential setting.

House events start at around 3.00pm and kick off with a three- to four-hour work session on a topic of your choice (see selection below). Followed by a delicious three-course dinner prepared by Silke and Niels. Enjoy great wines and inspiring conversation with the two.



1  UNFOLDING YOUR PERSONAL BETA STORY. You sympathize with the advantages of decentralized organization, but do not quite know how to proceed into this new world? You want to explore decentralization and democratization of the workplace, and relevant social technologies useful for making it happen, either for the benefit of your own organization, or within your client business? This discourse and advice session with Silke and Niels will help you explore the possibilities that lie in your own work. And become acutely aware of your sphere of influence and mastery. Independent if you are an entrepreneur or owner, a manager, a consultant or a peer. Profit from the rich experience and wide-ranging mastery from Silkes and Niels' past and present entrepreneurial and consulting experience, from their conceptual wit and decade-long BetaCodex community work. Take away personal, no-nonsense advice for your own development and for your business. Conceptualize your options with Silke and Niels, and get valuable insight for fleshing out paths of action on your side.

2  "YOUR BUSINESS BOOK" JAM. You want to write a book, and maybe have already begun to work on your own book project? Among them, Silke and Niels have written and published more than 15 books in several languages. Not just that: In 2014, they began taking the complete publishing process into their own hands: From book concept development, to finding the right publisher, designing cover and book, and developing(executing book marketing campaigns. The two even created a co-creative publishing platform. You will profit from the wealth of top-notch insight that these two authors-publishers are willing to share. This coaching session will help you clarify a great deal of doubts: Bring your project along and make use of Silkes and Niels' vast experience and market knowledge, in order to advance your book's concept. Or to overcome whatever barrier you might be stuck with right now in getting your book to market. This session is about more than talking: It is about moving your book project forward.

3  YOUR DEVELOPMENT, CAREER & BRAND. In these difficult times, many of us have good and plentiful reason think afresh about how to master this phase and what comes after it. It is an appropriate moment to question what one really, really wants to do in work & life, and why. And to prepare for those internal changes as well as for external ones. Such preparation is serious work, which requires facing matters linked to one's identity. This session offers opportunity for clarification and for fleshing out specific action that will contribute to what you really really want. Silke's decade-long personal advisory experience and superb executive coaching skills are likely to be of special use in this session.

4  BRING YOUR OWN TOPIC. You have another matter that is close to your heart and highly important to you that you would work on during this opportunity with Silke and Niels? Tells us about it and we will see what we can do for you.


This offer is valid for DECEMBER 2020 and JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2021! 

Red42 House Events was created to offer a fresh and personal, enjoyable and productive "live" format during these difficult times. Beyond online gatherings, courses and training. Social distancing will be in place and all Covid-19 related guidelines will be followed. 30% of the proceeds from Red42 House Events will be used to acquire art from local Wiesbaden artists.

Please contact us to get further information, available dates and time frames. All inquiries, reservations:



All inquiries, reservations:


Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime work & dinner experience with Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging in their Wiesbaden/Germany studio - just 30 minutes from Frankfurt Airport! During a three- to four-hour work session, you will work and discuss with Silke and Niels on the topic of your choice. After that, Silke and Niels will prepare a gourmet three-course international dinner in your presence while discussing anything you ever wanted to know about organizations, their lives and their body of work. Inside stories about collaborations of both Red42 founders, past & current projects will serve for an unforgettable evening. Before you leave, pick a book for you to get signed. Price: EUR 1.500,00 plus VAT for up to 3 people


This upgrade includes everything mentioned above, PLUS an in depth ONE-ON-ONE phone coaching with Silke, for one person, during the 14 days after the session. During your stay in Wiesbaden, if you like, get a peek preview into concepts currently under development by Red42 that have never been shown to the public before. At the end of the evening, pick a selection of books signed by Silke and Niels and a specially designed T-Shirt to honor this unique occasion. Price: EUR 2.000,00 plus VAT for up to 3 people