Online Info event. Participation is free of charge!

Info Hour: Relative Targets

Niels Pflaeging, creator of Relative Targets, will host this free-of-charge online info session about the innovative, open source social technology from Red42.  Registration is through Eventbrite. The event is limited to 60 participants.


You are new to "Relative Targets", and interested in learning more about it? Relative Targets has been published by Red42 as a free-to-use social technology in February 2021. If you have not heard or read anything about it yet, we recommend to take a look at this recent article about the approach. Regardless if you are a manager or executive, looking to improve performance systems within your organization, or if you are a consultant or coach working on such systems with your clients – you might ask yourself if this is the right approach for you. If you are keen on learning more about this innovative take on performance systems (one that takes complexity and human nature into account), then this info event is a great starting-point.

ABOUT THE EVENT. This free-of-charge "Info Hour", or introductory session will provide you with:

  • facts about the origins, content and unique features of Relative Targets, and why it was developed at all.
  • knowledge around key aspects and elements of Relative Targets, and their interaction.
  • recommendations with regards to necessary pre-conditions for its application.

All questions around Relative Targets and about organizational performance systems are allowed and will be answered by Niels. Niels will also share his experience about the use of Relative Targets in dozens of organizations he worked with since 2006.


SESSION FLOW.  Total session time will be approximately 75 minutes. The session follows a simple structure:
Niels will first provide a lot of information and context on Relative Targets - this will take 45 to 60 minutes.
He will then answer all questions from participants posted in the sessions´ chat function – one by one, no restrictions.

The Info Hour will be run on Zoom.


THIS IS NEITHER A WORKSHOP,  NOR A SEMINAR OR TRAINING.  It is an info talk with the aim of providing information, detail, and context. The session will NOT be recorded. You do NOT need a camera to participate. You can register anonymously, if you like.


HOW TO SIGN UP. Register on Eventbrite, free of charge. For all inquiries: 

Please share this invitation with colleagues, peers and friends!


For more information about Relative Targets, check out the info page on this website and read the BetaCodex Network white paper.