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BetaCodex MasterClass with Niels Pflaeging

The first online course of its kind, with the BetaCodex Network founder and long-term Beta practitioner! Learn to think within consistent patterns of self-organization, organizational decentralization & democracy. Get acquainted with the logic of Very Fast Organizational Transformation and Change-as-Flipping, while you are at it. Niels' MasterClasses are intense and to-the-point. Each cohort is limited to 8 participants, so the highest level of interaction during the online learning sessions is guaranteed. Reading of the Essays of Beta Vol. 1 book ahead of the course is essential, and study of course materials ahead of each class is a prerequisite. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance. Course language is English. 

The concept: The BetaCodex MasterClass with Niels Pflaeging consists of four half-day online workshop sessions over the course of two weeks that are guided and facilitated by Niels. The total duration of online learning sessions is 16 hours. Learning groups are limited to eight participants. Participants will prepare for each session by reading/studying course material provided by Red42, ahead of each class: Expect approximately 2 hours of reading time prior to each session!

  • The workshop character:  The MasterClass is based on iterative-discursive didactics, not lecturing - in alignment with the content. There will be no use of PowerPoint, nor will there be lecturing during this MasterClass. The didactics consist of two elements:
     – Compact reading inputs. Studying the reading materials will require around 2 hours for each of the four sessions.
     – Additional input from Niels and deepening discussion during 4-hour online sessions.
  • Your host: Niels PflaegingRed42
  • About the content structure:
    • Focus of Day 1: "Beta and the BetaCodex" – We will discuss the various roots and the history of Beta, its value in current market and business contexts, and its  core principles
    • Focus of Day 2. "Distinctions and connections" - We will charter distinctions, concepts and theories that are helpful for Beta thinking and necessary for Beta practice
    • Focus of Day 3. "Change and transformation" – We will reflect on organizational development method, structure, and required elements, and on learning on different levels
    • Focus of Day 4. "Tools, practices, patterns" – how to judge tools and methods; we may touch upon further topics close to the participants' hearts in this session, too
    • Elements of every day: Niels will provide recommendations for additional reading in every session.
  • Dates: Online sessions happen on Monday afternoons and Wednesday afternoons (CET/Central European Time).
      – Day 1: XX/XX/20XX, 15.00hs - 19.00hs CET
      – Day 2: XX/XX/20XX, 15.00hs - 19.00hs CET
      – Day 3: XX/XX/20XX, 15.00hs - 19.00hs CET
      – Day 4: XX/XX/20XX, 15.00hs - 19.00hs CET
  • Your preparation:
    • With your inscription, you will receive a copy the book Essays on Beta, Vol. 1 - in print or as an ebook. Reading the book ahead of the MasterClass sessions is indispensable.
    • We will provide high-impact reading materials and exercises to you ahead of the MasterClass sessions, that you need to work through in order to prepare in advance. Expect 2 hours personal prep time before each session.
  • Certificates:  Certificates are granted upon course participation - you receive a participation certificate after the full MasterClass sequence.
  • Location: The MasterClass will be run on Zoom.
  • Participation fee : EUR 1.200,00, plus VAT if applicable
  • Upon registration you will receive Niels´ book Essays on Beta, Vol. 1 (print or ebook, upon demand), as well as an invoice.

Registration for public workshops by email to Claudia Keller, contact@RedForty2.com - first come, first served. 

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