A highly exclusive format. Next class: March 2022

BetaCodex MasterClass with Niels Pflaeging

The first online course of its kind, with the BetaCodex Network founder and long-term Beta practitioner! 

Learn to think within consistent patterns of self-organization, agility, organizational decentralization & democracy. Get acquainted with the logic of Very Fast Organizational Transformation and Change-as-Flipping, while you are at it. Niels' MasterClasses are intense and to-the-point. Each cohort is limited to just 8 participants, to guarantee the highest level of interaction during the online learning sessions. Pre-course reading is a prerequisite to participation, as is the study of course materials ahead of each class. Participants will receive a digital certificate of attendance and a badge. Course language is English. 


Course information and registration is on Eventbrite!