The initiators/founders of Red42

Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging

Their motto:

"In both spheres we cover as Red42, organizational development and L&D, there is way too much hype today, and way too little actual innovation. We are dedicated to changing that. Red42 is dogmatic - in that it has a firm point of view. It is didactic. And focusing on affecting entire organizations, internationally, in conjunction with peers."

With Red42, Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging make a step toward renewing, indeed reinventing organizational development on the fringe with Learning & Development (L&D).


Silke and Niels are the creators of the business book bestseller Complexitools (forthcoming in English language in 2018) and the work/life organizer The Uncomplicated Year (2016). They are the founders of Org Physics and Change-as-Flipping - to name just two of their most influential concepts, or thinking tools. As entrepreneurs, influencers, advisors and speakers, both earned a reputation for being progressive business thinkers and innovators, especially in the German-speaking countries. What makes Silke and Niels different: None of them shies away from public discourse. Both are well-known for always being one step ahead of the zeitgeist. 'Well-aware of the traps of hype and thoughtless pleasing.


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