The 4th innovation from Red42: A suite for organizational development, based on our original approaches

DevLabs by Red42

Caution: Beta inside! Highly principled & coherent!

Beta, or Modernist Work, as we sometimes call it, is not achieved by just thinking about it. You also need to act.

DevLabs by Red42 are learning formats, learning products, and learning spaces designed to produce insight. But not just that: They are designed to get you into action, too! Our own publisher, BetaCodex Publishing, is a critical part of DevLabs.


We offer a range of unique DevLab formats around concepts that were all developed by Silke and Niels.


- BetaCodex workouts

- Cell Structure Design workouts

- Org Physics workouts

- Change-as-Flipping workouts


Our range of  LearnLabs sessions can be booked as highly effective, highly interactive 1-day formats. And every format can also be customized to your needs. They all feature sophisticated, innovative & highly interactive learning method ("didactics").


We offer a continuously growing range of books, posters, brochures, large-format banners, learning boxes, and sets of materials: All customized to enable development or teams and organizations.


Out work materials focus on enabling highly interactive development work. We are constantly launching more products.


We conceive and design customized haptic, high-touch learning & organizational development spaces. From learning studios to experiential exhibition and interaction events.